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As a long time Mac user (sufferer?) one thing that continues to amaze me whenever I go to a tech conference is how many people are using Apple's PowerBook/MacBooks as their primary development machine. I love seeing all those shiny aluminum machines with their glowing upside-down Apple logos both out in the audience and up on stage (Here's a great shot from one recent conference I attended.) One of the fun things to do at these conferences is to see what tools and utilities people are using. Below is a list (in no particular order) of what I always install when first starting out:

  • iTerm - a replacement for that has a tabbed interface and bookmarks.
  • QuickSiliver - sort of like Spotlight on steroids.
  • Eclipse - my Java editor of choice.
  • TextMate - an excellent all around text editor and the dominant editor when doing Ruby development on the Mac.
  • Smart CVS and Smart SVN - two Java based version control clients.
  • Firefox - I typically use Safari but you can't go wrong with this browser on any platform.
  • Spark - for my XMPP/Jabber IMing needs.
  • Adium - for my AOL, MSN, Yahoo! IMing needs.
  • Xcode - a quick and easy way to get a bunch of development tools, such as GCC installed
  • Parallels Desktop - an invaluable application that allows you to run MS Windows (or any other x86 based OS) on an Intel based Mac without having to reboot.

    As I think of any other applications that I've managed to over look or discover any new ones I'll be sure to add them to this list.



    Ignite Realtime is Lit

    It's great to see that Ignite Realtime is officially up a running, and of course to see Version 2 listed on the Service Providers page. The big decision now is do I buy an Ignite t-shirt and mug or just the mug. :)



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